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I Make instruments of the classical quartet: violins, violas and cellos; personal models and copies, with care I select the wood according to the best aesthetic and mechanical characteristics. Each instrument is a unique piece, entirely handmade following the natural mechanical characteristics of each single component, taking care of the stability of the instrument that will have to satisfy the needs of the musicians. The idea behind my construction is to join ancient and traditional construction techniques  with the most modern technologies and innovations, creating the best  result.  I Restor preserving as much as I can the integrity of the original parts of each instrument, also according to the acoustic and comfort needs of the musician. Particular attention is paid to the Set-up of each instrument, working in close relationship with the customer to meet his needs and achieve the best result. Then I also  Rehair  bows using very high quality hair from Mongolia. I also offer Assistance to all customers, from dealing to the choice of strings





Daniele is graduated as violin maker at the "civica scuola di liuteria" in Milan. Since his school pepriod he has frequented the workshops of Milan's makers like Lorenzo Rossi and Stefano Gibertoni and collaborates with some music shops in the area. After school he has the opportunity, to do an internship called "Una scuola, un lavoro  -  Percorsi d'eccellenza" of the Cologni dei Mestieri D'Arte Foundation,  in the workshop of Lorenzo Rossi in Milan, improving a lot his skills and approcing the way how to manage a workshop. He then continued his collaborations in Milan until he decided to move to Germany for a period to enlarge and improve his  restorations skills being  assistant in Thomas Van der Heyd's atelier in Frankfurt restoring many valuable instruments. After coming back in  Milan he decides to open his shop making new, restoring and repairing the instruments of the classical quartet. Today he shares the workshop with a friend and colleague specialized in plucked instruments in the "Isola" artisan district in the center of Milan in a typical and wonderful old-style inner courtyard.





Via Pastrengo, 12 - 20159 Milan, doorbell n°41

(Garibaldi FS, M2-M5)







Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday: By appointment


Thursday - Friday - Saturday: 10.00 - 18.30


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